‘GrĂ dh is Gonadh - Guth ag aithris’ Christine Primrose - a supremely beautiful experience

(July 10, 2017)

It matters not one jot if you don’t have an understanding of Scottish Gaelic, listening to Christine Primrose, native speaker of Scottish Gaelic and singer of traditional Gaelic songsLove and Loss - A Lone Voice 001 is a supremely beautiful experience. Not an instrument in sight except that glorious instrument that is Christine’s voice. Pure and undiluted, it’s nothing short of aural seduction. Sit in silence and let this experience wash over you and whatever else may fill your mind this will ease your soul.

‘Gràdh is Gonadh - Guth ag aithris’ or to give it an English title ‘Love and Loss - A Lone Voice’ is replete with songs of love betrayed and unrequited, times lost and left behind, longing for land and heritage, and shows the richness of Gaelic tradition to be a living and breathing entity. The liner notes give background information for each song detailing influences, sources and lineage. This is an album to own - understand the language or not, you will understand the emotions. 


Review: Charlie Elland

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