‘You’ve Been Away So Long’ from Alice Howe - touching the spirit of the moment

(July 12, 2017)

There’s a rawness to the music of Alice Howe, that doesn’t mean any rough edges, it’s more that this music is visceral, real and simple – unadulterated by over-production, it’s straight to the point and carries a persevering poetry that you simply want to hear. To understand and appreciate you Alice Howeneed to listen to the mini-album ‘You’ve Been Away So Long’ from Alice Howe.

Boston native Alice Howe’s music reflects the perceptive songs I listened to in the late sixties, from that time when the strength of the song lay in its immediacy in touching the spirit of the moment. The years have rolled away and yet the closeness remains – artist and audience in perfect harmony, that’s what you hear held within ‘You’ve Been Away So Long’. The evidence is there to hear in the insightful sensitivity observed through ‘Homeland Blues’ ‘Nothing But You’, ‘Make A Fool Out Of Me’ and ‘Don’t Worry Honey’ – and then there’s that title track ‘You’ve Been Away So Long’, if that don’t reach you then nothing will.

‘You’ve Been Away So Long’ is brought to you by Alice Howe (vocals, guitar) Jeff Fielder (acoustic and electric guitar, Dobro, harmonies) and Moe Provencher (electric bass) the album releases in the UK on 21 August from Fish Records.


Review: Tom Franks

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