‘Inventions’ from Leveret – a signpost that shows the way for English folk

(July 15, 2017)

Take three of ‘England's best’ when it comes to folk musicians, allow them the freedom to compose in their own inimitable way, produce an album of original material... and you have ‘Inventions’ from Leveret. The result is everything one might expect and more from Andy Cutting, Inventions from LeveretSam Sweeney and Rob Harbron ... the depths of tradition reflected and observed through innovative and inventive expression, no other title could so perfectly sum up the album.

There’s a masterful display of talent and skill coupled with the finest levels of musicianship on offer throughout ‘Inventions’. Their previous offerings ‘New Anything’ and ‘In The Round’ borrowed widely from the enduring roots of the past, now they prove they can produce new shoots on the strength of that heritage. From effervescent and vibrant through portentous and penetrating to elusive and tantalising, the tunes interlace and flow to weave a magic that’s impossible to resist ... ‘Rain On The Woodpile/ Terminus’ and ‘Down To The Beach’, through ‘Byron’s/ Lady Grey/ Brakes’ and ‘Robber’s Road’ to ‘Lola Flexen’... the spontaneity and fluid interface between these musicians is evident from the first. Add to that a closeness of sharing and the overall impression is you’re there with them, that’s how close this album brings the band to the listener.

With ‘Inventions’ Leveret has created an outstanding signpost that shows the way for English folk.

Leveret are Andy Cutting (Diatonic button accordions, melodeon) Sam Sweeney (violin, viola) and Rob Harbron (English concertina). ‘Inventions’ releases 15 September 2017 on Root Beat Records.


Review: Tim Carroll 

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