‘Ryan Young’ self-titled debut album - the widest range of emotions and illustrations

(July 21, 2017)

Before I begin the review ‘proper’, let's explore two words, the first is ‘expressive’, the second is ‘gifted’. The first describes an instrument that has the ability to express more human feeling than any other and yet it’s sometimes reduced to ‘the frilly bits’ around other instruments. The Ryan Young Album Coversecond, frequently used to mean accomplished, skilled or talented, when in truth it implies a precious commodity intrinsic from the start. Both of these words apply to Scottish fiddler Ryan Young – the reason being the man makes the fiddle articulate the widest range of emotions and illustrations – and listening to him play you realise he is surely in possession of a magnificent gift.

Ryan’s self-titled debut album ‘Ryan Young’ pulls together a selection of old tunes, some venerated others near forgotten, and adds an almost indefinable something to traditional music. There’s the ability to interpret and innovate, to expand and expound, all the while allowing his instrument to find its voice through lively jigs and reels to strathspeys and marches. Each one treated to vocabularies of melody and rhythm and a freedom of exploration that take these tunes to somewhere rather special.

The self-titled ‘Ryan Young’ features the man himself on fiddle with Leo Forde (guitar) and James Ross (piano). The album releases on 11 August – and you really should find yourself a copy.


Review: Charlie Elland

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