‘Underdogs Live’ - Headsticks ‘...and don’t think about sitting down’

(August 09, 2017)

Folk and punk have a natural affinity ... railing against oppression, giving voice to those never heard, poking acidic ribaldry at ‘establishments’ ... perhaps that’s why the combination is so potent. Never anything less than ‘in your face’, the music of Headsticks comes with a rawness that demands Headsticks Underdogs Live 001attention and unprecedented levels of biting vocal brutality ... ignore at your peril and join the revolution. Their latest album ‘Underdogs Live’ is overflowing with passion, raging with pissed off energy and visceral in its ‘gut-level’ punch.

The third Headsticks album, ‘Underdogs Live’ delivers the true feel that gives life to their songs ... rough as a badgers bum and as angry as a cornered rat ... there’s no quarter asked or given. From the outset ‘World Away’ takes you there, followed by the pain of ‘Paper Flowers’ and rage against apathy in ‘Cold Grey English Skies’. They move on to the familiar ‘What Do You Want!?’ and unless you’re dead, you’re carried away, ‘Flatline Town’ takes push to shove with its ‘heavy engine’ beat and they close with their anthemic ‘You’re Killing Me America’.

Aggressive and self-assured, forceful and insistent ... ‘Underdogs Live’ is Headsticks as they come ... honest, furious and seething with angst. Listen to it, love it, leap about with it ... and don’t think about sitting down.


Review: Tim Carroll

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