‘Land And Sea’ – Bob Leslie ‘... comes with a guarantee that you’ll listen and enjoy’

(August 08, 2017)

Craft a perceptive lyric, possess a voice suffused with richness and write tunes that linger in the mind, and there’s a fair chance your work will generate considerable repute. True though that might be, it’s my contention that Bob Leslie deserves wider recognition as lyricist, Land-And-Sea album coversongwriter and singer. Following on from ‘In a Different World’ and ‘Fat Cat’ comes his latest album ‘Land and Sea’. It’s a collection of memorable narratives with inspiration taken from legend, history, folklore and personal invention.

‘The World Came To Springburn’ glories in the Age of Steam and laments its passing, the old ways and tales permeate ‘The Seanachai’, and the ever-roving Scots are remembered in ‘Sir Alexander Leslie’. There’s a sense of identity to these songs, driven by an understanding of the art of telling stories in song - listen to ‘Tho We Lang Syne landit Oan Fiar Isle’, the mournful ‘Cape Breton’ and the moving ‘The Church of San Pedro, El Viejo’ - and you’ll understand. Given his aptitude for telling a powerful story, I did wonder why Leslie included the slightly flippant ‘Her Father Called Me Frankenstein’ and ‘Big Dead Bob’, which sit at odds with the rest of the album but it’s his choice, nevertheless ‘Land And Sea’ comes with a guarantee that you’ll listen and enjoy.


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