‘The High Summit’ by Paul Anderson “... raising your soul as its tunes take flight”

(August 08, 2017)

Rightly recognised as one of Scotland’s finest traditional fiddle players, the third album from Paul Anderson is an original collection of music and song dedicated to and inspired by the Paul Anderson - The High Summit album coverhistory, landscape and people of North East Scotland. The scope and breadth of this album is reflected in the rise and fall, ebb and flow of the music. From raising your soul as its tunes take flight to touching your heart with its depth of feeling, the moods and colours lead into Anderson’s intricate skills and consummate composing art.

This is an album that replicates the essence of knowing where you come from and where you belong. It exposes the textures and surfaces of geography and reveals the spirit and substance of heritage. This music lives and breathes and takes you through its vibrant illustrations and artworks into a world that Anderson clearly loves. There’s a clear and evident life to this album that you can hear, feel and understand.

Bringing ‘The High Summit’ to life are Paul Anderson (fiddle) Ali Napier (keyboards) Tony Mcmanus (guitar) Ale Carr (cittern) Malcolm Jones (guitar) Shoona Donaldson (vocals) and James Gorgan (percussion).


Review: Tim Carroll

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