‘The Seeds Inside (The Grapes Upon The Vine)’ - The Bara Bara Band - an exciting experience

(August 21, 2017)

Listening to this music is an exciting experience. Clear and obvious roots of tradition feed its creation, with freshness of innovation and the influences of freedom blending folk with Appalachian tinges to the tunes, and folk rock elements. The Bara Bara Band provide with ‘The The Seeds Inside The Grapes Upon The Vine - The Bara Bara BandSeeds Inside (The Grapes Upon The Vine)’ a heady mix that moves from ethereal through accusative to darkly observational.

The vocals are insistent demanding attention, ranging from emphatic to suppliant, always shifting and changing. The instrumentation is layered and intriguing, from modest in approach to complex in liberation. There’s nothing here to be taken for granted. There's involving narrative through their songs - social reformer Samuel Plimsoll's efforts to eliminate the overloaded ‘coffin ships’ with the introduction of the now famous load-line flows through ‘Plimsoll’, the severally versioned and many titled ‘What Put The Blood’ morphs from an expected take on tradition into something altogether different, while ‘All Look The Same’ delivers its dark indictment of the hopelessness in the Calais camps and ‘Telling Me I Should Know’ muses on the problems of living in the grossly over-communicated society we inhabit.

The Bara Bara Band are Ruth Jacob (banjo, guitar, vocals, harmonica, tin whistle) Rupert Browne (guitar, bass, vocals) Will Dobson (cajon, percussion) and Boris Ming (fiddle, keyboards, vocals).


Review: Charlie Elland

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