'A Day A Month’ – Mairearad Green and Mike Vass - iridescent collection of traditional melodies

(August 21, 2017)

Apparently, the pairing between Mairearad Green and Mike Vass came about through their decision decided to meet one day a month to write and play music together, and this was the start of ‘A DayA Day In The Month A Month’ their debut album as a duo. Despite being well-recognised composers in Scottish traditional music, this album comprises only traditional music rather than their own work.

The result is an iridescent collection of traditional melodies sourced from the likes of The Gesto Collection of Highland Music, The Athole and Highland Collections and The Moidart Collection. Some of the tunes will be instantly familiar, some of the less well-known unheard for many years, that’s one attraction, however what makes this album truly appealing is the music of course but also the obvious interplay between these two musicians.

'A Day A Month' is deserving of some of your quiet time with no interruptions – just sit back, listen and absorb.


 Review: Charlie Elland

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