‘My Lovely Mountain Home’ by David Ingerson - traditional Irish songs

(August 15, 2017)

Songs endure when so many other forms of communication fade. That truth is emphasised by traditional Irish songs that seem to live longer than most. Perhaps it’s because they are so My Lovely Mountain Home 001profound in their tale-telling – love and life, death and despair, hope and humour – their themes remain universal. Then again, perhaps it’s because they can be sung unaccompanied by one or dozens of voices, and in almost any place or occasion. To understand all that, you must listen to ‘My Lovely Mountain Home’ by David Ingerson.

These songs broadly fall outside the ‘well-known and popular’ of the Irish tradition and here they’re sung un-accompanied in a distinct sean-nós (meaning ‘in the old style) singing style, carrying meaning in the narrative with melodies from simple to lyrical. Ingerson has a voice that fits perfectly with the style, from the ‘poor man makes good’ message of ‘The Highwayman Outwitted’ through the thinly veiled humour of ‘Paddy’s Panacea’ with a chorus of singers to ‘Amhran Na Leabhar’ sung in the Irish language. There are of course songs about drink, rebellions, immigration and lamentation – all staple diet for Irish traditional songs. Ingerson has created a unique experience with these songs, among the mix are some outstanding songs, including ‘The Mullingar Recruit’, ‘The Holland Handkerchief’, ‘Joe Baker’ and possibly the most recognised ‘Bonny Portmore’.

Ingerson has sung traditional Irish songs for over 35 years, collecting, researching and performing and with ‘My Lovely Mountain Home’ delivers the Irish tradition to perfection.


Review: Charlie Elland

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