‘Small Believer’ - Anna Tivel - living life with all its caprices

(August 27, 2017)

The first I heard of Portland, Oregon singer-songwriter Anna Tivel was the album ‘Before Machines’, she followed that with ‘Heroes Waking Up’ and on now 29 September comes ‘Small Believer’ – and the output just gets better and better. The slightly fragile, somewhat Small Believer 001ethereal, sometimes yearning voice is still there, the fiercely intimate connection between singer and listener remains and the sharp, sometimes painful perceptive lyrics. There’s a sparcity of production that gives more room to the vocals, which for my money is what I want to hear.

The songs on ‘Small Believer’ are the product of living life with all its caprices, the understanding is complete as is the fearlessness to reveal thoughts and feelings. The images her songs capture create small mini-movies in your mind taking you deep into her world-view. The stand-outs are hard to select on such a good album but for my money ‘Illinois’, ‘Alleyway’, Riverside Hotel’ and ‘Highest Building’ take some beating - and as for the thoroughly beautiful ‘Small Believer’ itself, just listen and enjoy.

This is definitely one to add to the collection.


Review: Tom Franks

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