‘Emperor of Oranges’ – Boathouse Keepers - worth taking time to know

(September 04, 2017)

Recently listened to an extension to the ‘man with guitar’ concept, that’s ‘man with guitar plus voice’ - and that's an appealing and eminently listenable voice. In this case Suffolk acoustic duo Boathouse Keepers and Boathouse Keepers Emperor of Orangestheir debut album ‘Emperor of Oranges’. Singer songwriter Holly Johnston, she of that individual voice and guitarist Jonathan Coy, who clearly knows his way around his instrument, are Boathouse Keepers, and a fine debut they have produced. ‘Emperor of Oranges is a collection of narratives, personal, historical and observational, and all worth taking time to know.

There’s little doubt about the quality of Holly's voice or Jonathan's ability on guitar, the only criticism is the vocals are mixed so far back sometimes the lyrics become lost and that’s a shame. And turning up the volume is not the answer - this is not an album to have on full volume, this needs to be listened to with time and space to reflect. Opening with ‘Elementary’ and including beautifully crafted songs like ‘Nobody’s Fool’, ‘Dear Diary’, ‘Safe Inside These Walls’ and the title track ‘Emperor of Oranges’ this is a solid debut.


Review: Charlie Elland

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