‘Blossom & Fruit’ Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns - an essential difference that simply works

(September 06, 2017)

There’s a maxim that ‘new is easy different is difficult’, oft-countered by a truism that ‘if it works don’t fix it’, then again there’s always that desire to indulge in a little tweaking. That’s exactly what you get with the latest album from Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns ... different approaches within a love of tradition, a formula that patently works and a fearlessness to innovate. ‘Blossom & Fruit’ is a splendid example of English folk, delivered with sparkling Blossom and Fruit Tim Jones and the Dark Lanternsinvention coupled to a reverence for the subject.

The distinctive and defining essence of the album is an eclectic drive of folk in many guises conveyed by Tim Jones’ characteristic, richly-toned absorbing voice ... an amalgam of arranged tradition coupled to original composition. There’s an inspired take on Polly On The Shore’ an equally fine version of the mystery-shrouded and variously-titled ‘Sweet Lemeny’ before a searing version of ‘Down Among The Dead Men’. The original material includes the dark tale of ‘Christina Collins’, the powerful lyrics of ’Candles Out’ examining the impact of night bombing on London in WWII, the ominous ‘Gathering Storm’ and a perfectly-fitted arrangement to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s narrative poem ‘Stratton Water’.

‘Blossom & Fruit’ offers an essential difference that simply works while awash with interesting tweaks ... another landmark for Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns, and for English folk. Delivering ‘Blossom & Fruit’ are Tim Jones (vocals, guitar) Ted Kemp (concertina) Karen Phillips (violin, piano) Robin Timmis (viola, violin) and Em Marshall (vocals, guitar, cajon). The album releases on 25th September 2017.


Review: Tim Carroll

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