‘Funeral, Home, Lizard’ from Laura Mulcahy - musical exploration and discovery

(September 22, 2017)

Somewhere close to progressive, touched by avant garde, with essences of experimental and innovative (and a bizarre title) ‘Funeral, Home, Lizard’ from Laura Mulchay takes its listeners Funeral Home Lizardon a journey through musical exploration and discovery. The voyage may confuse and entice, which could lead to some deciding to jump ship half way through this album of differences and changes. The uniqueness comes both through Laura’s songwriting, peculiar delivery and theatrical lyrics.

The cover image matches the album's overall eccentricity from its enigmatic title to the bearded clawed creature staring outwards. There’s an unusual mix here - strangeness combined with intimacy, anger mingled with fragility, darkness and light  - emotions and feelings raw and unadulterated, the ethereal ‘Dreams’, the faintly disconcerting ‘Even Stephen’, the ominous ‘Supper At Cousins’ the haunting ‘Sea Song’ and honesty of ‘The Affair’.

The eighteen songs are all self-penned and all carry their own distinct feel and message, which means there’s nowhere on this album to take your attention from its involvement, do so and you’ll be lost, persevere and you’ll find richness. The UK release is 5th November 2017


Review: Charlie Elland

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