‘The Conversation’ - Pete’s Posse - tradition mixed with innovation

(September 28, 2017)

The dictionary definition explains all: "a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people in which news and ideas are exchanged"and there’s most certainly an exchange of  The Conversation Petes Posseideas going on in ‘The Conversation’ between Pete’s Posse. This is an album of tradition mixed with innovation - the conversation is wide ranging and inclusive. The understanding to build on the foundation of musical heritage coupled with the freedom to reflect its depths through outright invention and creation - that’s what you get with ‘The Conversation’. The musician’s embrace the legacy of traditional music and blend into its framework their own compositions.

The tunes are tight, the harmonies too, everything about this album shows just how close-fitting is the interplay and interaction between the musicians, and just how that holds an audience – from the opening ‘The Brocca Set’ through songs like ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘The Sap Ain’t Running’ to the scintillation of ‘The Vermont Set’ and ‘Reel de Grandpere’ there’s not a moment when your attention wanders.

Pete’s Posse are Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, melodica, vocals) Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, foot percussion, vocals) and Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, foot percussion, vocals). 


Review: Tom Franks

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