‘One Go Round’ - Jeffrey Martin - a distinctive feel that’s different and memorable

(October 11, 2017)

There’s usually a certain truth in the phrase: ‘deserves wider recognition’ – in this case, it’s a definitive truth. The work of singer songwriter Jeffery Martin is worthy or wider and further credit. His songs have all the observational perception of a man who sees the world for what it is; his music One Go Round Jeffery Martinhas enough edge for familiar recognition but comes with a distinctive feel that makes it different and memorable. His new album ‘One Go Around’, is a collection of intimate and sharp reflections on stories, places, experiences and people. And each time the characters and the places come alive to the listeners.

Through the bare honesty set out in ‘Long Gone Now’, the brutal revelations of ‘Billy Boroughs’ and the open frankness and candour of ‘October Dark’, to the resigned sadness held within ‘Thrift Store Dress’, the accusations of ‘What We’re Marching Towards’ and finally the essential wisdom of ‘One Go Around’. These are songs of the eternal troubadour, telling it as he sees it so the rest of us might see with the same clarity.


Review: Tom Franks

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