‘Artichokes & Cauliflowers’ – Patricia De Mayo - deeply effective and atmospheric

(October 12, 2017)

There’s a cultural blend to these songs, there’s varied sources of influence, there’s haunting music and there’s Patricia De Mayo’s distinctive voice. That combination makes her debut solo album something that verges on the aurally erotic ... steamy, seductive and utterly involving. The Artichokes and Cauliflowers – Patricia De Mayofolk traditions of the British Isles ebb and flow hand in hand with a fusion of Arab expression and culture, and the result is deeply effective and atmospheric.

Much of the attraction comes through the musical melange of instruments, each distinct in their own articulation yet combining to weave a web that surrounds and embraces the listener. From the moment the album opens with seductive ‘The Trees They Grow High’ through the luscious ‘Mary Magdalene’ and observations of ‘Angela’, there’s an intoxicating essence to this album. Listening to the bitter commentary of ‘When I Fall In Love Again’ is either cathartic or sardonic depending on your experiences, the desperate involvement of ‘Song For A Hero’ cuts hard while the atmospheric ‘Circles And Lines’ reveals its hypnotic edge.

There’s a luxurious fusion of styles in this album that quite simply works and works to perfection.

Playing on ‘Artichokes & Cauliflowers are Patricia De Mayo (vocals, oud, bass, piano, percussion) Keith Clouston (vocals, oud, lapsteel, bouzouki) and Peter Salem (violin, viola).


Review: Tim Carroll

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