‘Hares On A Mountain’ – Fish Out Of Water ... nothing is as it first seems

(October 12, 2017)

Following their debut album ‘Carp Diem’, Fish Out Of Water release a four-track EP ‘Hares On A Mountain’ ... the result is an amalgam of tradition and innovation ... driving English folk rock and hard-edged progressive folk. Tradition is taken by the scruff of the neck and given an accusatory,Hares On A Mountain Fish Out O f Water vehemence-infused sharpness, which goes somewhere the song titles do not immediately suggest. The vocals and instruments range away from the familiar folk rock format into strangely attractive yet at times ominous, shadier places. Powerful lead vocals are augmented by violent screamer-style inflections, guitars rip, drums crash and bass pounds ... nothing is as it first seems, however, persevere and the at-times outlandish mix grows on you.

New and unexpected life is breathed into the title track ‘Hares On A Mountain’ ... acidic lead vocals and slicing guitar, ‘Jacky My Son’ leaves its roots behind and grows horns as it’s driven towards darker dwellings and expressions of agony... again with even blacker axe-work. There’s an original outing with ‘Lower Thy Crown’ complete with hammering percussion, more revolutionary screaming and calls for ‘off with their heads’. The last song returns to tradition (or at least their version of it) with ‘Cold Haily Windy Night’, again inventing their own take on tradition. There’s no criticism intended in referring to ‘... their interpretation of tradition’, after all, artists have been successfully doing that for years, only this time the difference is starker and more revealing.

Fish Out Of Water are Maria Green (lead vocals) Ashley Gannicott (lead guitar, synths) Lester J Allen (vocals, guitar, banjo, piano, synths) Ben Jenkins (bass) and Dan Johnston (drums)


Review: Tim Carroll

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