‘Start Believing’ from Thunder and Rain - music you just want to listen to

(October 18, 2017)

Here we go again, desperatley trying to pigeonhole music that really doesn’t need any rigid classification. Listening to ‘Start Believing’ from Thunder and Rain, I heard the album described in quick succession as ‘alt-country’, ‘bluegrass pop’ and American ‘folk rock’ – all Thunder and Rainand none of them could fit. And my friends that doesn’t actually matter – this is music rich in melodies, wide in influence and varied in expression. Sure it has its twang of Americana, folk, bluegrass, country plus pretty much whatever else you hear – and that’s the fundamental attraction, this is music you just want to listen to and absorb. Let’s leave it at that.

‘Cut The Wire’ opens, ahead of ‘Once I Was’ and ‘Start Believing’ – now you have the measure of this album, and damn good it is too, forget classicification. The songs are up-tempo, hook rich and melody laden, what more is needed? For me the high spots, and there are many, include ‘The Reckoning’, ‘Tennessee Is Burning’, ‘I Won’t Try For You, LA’ and ‘Breaks My Bones’.

Playing on Start Believing’ are Erinn Peet-Lukes (lead vocal, guitar) RP Oates (guitar, piano, banjo) Kevin Matthews (drums) Ian Haegele (double bass, backing vocals) Greg Garrison (double bass, electric bass) Chris Herbst (Dobro, lap steel, backing vocals) Natalie Padilla (fiddle) Pete Weber (mandolin) with Monica LaBoute, Jonny Miller, John Mcvey (backing vocals).  


Review: Tom Franks

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