‘Anarchy and Love’ – Adrian Nation - an album of truth and sincerity

(October 22, 2017)

Think of a powerfully emotive voice, softly honest and richly listenable, couple that to a consummate skill on guitar, with perceptive lyrical delivery that verges on inspirational, and that’s Adrian Nation. His latest album ‘Anarchy and Love’, combines all the above and has been my constant companion for a while now. It continues to fascinate and has the makingsAdrian Nation Anarchy and Love of a long-time companion.

Bring to mind anyone that’s going to cover Runrig’s dramatic 'Rocket to the Moon' and firstly: make it work, then secondly: make it their own ... the list is going to be pretty short but somewhere near the top will be this man and that’s how he opens ‘Anarchy and Love’. From there, Nation’s keenly felt observational songs take the listener on a journey through personal travels and places, loves lost and found, challenges met and overcome. There’s also a sharp focus on the wider experience of people being ‘in that place’ where profound issues take over and react to what happens ... Nation reflects those moments to make them come alive.

From the haunting 'Benderloch Stone' through the evocative 'Anarchy and Love' with its drive to the supremely beautiful 'With or Without Me' this album exerts a hold you won’t want to let go. With its savage honesty 'Dying of Democracy' takes an acerbic view of the human condition with its similarities and the divisions, before the reality of 'River in the Rain' with its exquisite homage to Nation’s father with its soul-touching presence and to close, a moving take on 'A Man's A Man' by Robert Burns. And to allow you to soak in the man’s skill with a guitar there are two instrumentals to savour 'Carpe Meridianus' and 'Ezzu' ... enjoy.

‘Anarchy and Love’ is an album of genuine sincerity and truth, revealing much of the artist’s soul and in its inimitable way, touches you own.


Review: Tim Carroll

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