‘Lit Up With Sorrow’ - Rebecca Clamp' - intense and presence-packed

(October 26, 2017)

Frequently the phrase ‘new is easy different is difficult’ appears on this site ... and it remains true. So when both come together it’s a special treat. ‘Lit Up With Sorrow’ is Rebecca Clamp collaborating with Hans Wessels, and from the start it’s obviously something special.Lit Up With Sorrow

The voice is distinct, different and idiosyncratic. The arrangements individual and unusual. The instrumentation, which includes ukulele, guitar, electronic percussion and piano, makes its own statement. And that aptly describes this entire album - forging its own direction, making its mark, building its own gentle power. That too encompasses ‘Lit Up With Sorrow’, the songs have a certain ethereal quality but the statements they make are intense and presence-packed.

The title track ‘Lit Up With Sorrow’ offers immediate attraction, as does the gentle humour of ‘One String Bass’, there’s genuine longing in ‘Hands of a Clock’ while ‘Tattoo, Tattoo’ and ‘Or Now’ in turn take their own views of love and relationships. There are poignant narratives like ‘Delicate’ and ‘Concrete’ telling their very personal tales, while the bare honesty of ‘All the Best’ cuts like a knife.


Review: Charlie Elland

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