‘Baked in a Pie’ from The Stoned Cherries - energy to rival a power station

(October 26, 2017)

Assemble a collection original songs, some well-played original and traditional tunes, throw in some ribald and double entendre lyrics, add black humour with a touch of sarcasm, bring in bakedinapie001witty commentary and you have ‘Baked in a Pie’ from The Stoned Cherries. There’s enough energy here to rival a power station, delivered with bite and verve, these songs range through folk influences from the British Isles, over to Ireland and across the pond to the USA. Sometimes thoughtful, perhaps occasionally wistful, ‘Baked in a Pie’ is rich with touches of acerbic observation and certainly not devoid of mockery.

The opening ‘Morrisons’ shows their abilities as musicians, as does their take on Turlough O’Carolan’s ‘Si Bheag Si Mhor’, their own ‘Witches Flight’ and ‘Oysterwives’ Rant/ Ballydesmond Ploka’. Their views on life, love and pretty much everything else are evident in songs like ‘Rosalind’, and ‘Run with the Moonlight’ the bawdy humour of ‘Lemon Girl’ and the serious tale of ‘Forgotten Man’. There’s a rustic, homegrown feel to this album, which gives it much of its charm. It’s also good music and what’s more, some of the lyrics make you laugh out loud, which must be good.


Review: Charlie Elland

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