‘Night & Day’ - Saskia - standing apart from the crowd

(October 27, 2017)

Defining pop music in absolute terms is as pointless as classifying folk music. A term that originated somewhere in the late-50s and early-60s, ‘pop music’ now includes a rich variety of styles. Folk and pop both become ever more eclectic, borrowing from an endless range of saskia-album coverstyles ... folk, classical, country, blues ... it’s in there somewhere. However, there are some identifiable elements that constitute pop music ... predominantly short songs, repeated choruses, melodic tunes and quickly assimilated hooks.

The latest album from Saskia Griffiths-Moore certainly fuses folk and pop, which will perhaps result in a folk-pop ‘ticket’ being attached to it. There is however far more going on within ‘Night & Day’, fusion of styles or not, this carefully crafted album stands apart from the crowd.

This is certainly an album with both folk and pop elements in evidence, there’s also a wealth of instantly memorable hooks, songs that discover darkness and light, expectation and failure, memories and futures ... and throughout Saskia holds each narrative with a voice that expresses a gamut of passions, moods, sensations and reactions, each geared to making the listener share in the experience. From the recollections of ‘All For You’ through the understanding of ‘Hiding’, the gorgeous title track ‘Night and Day’ to the infectious reflections of ‘Joy Of Defeat’ there’s a constantly engaging edge that holds from start to finish.

Playing on ‘Night & Day’ are Ciaran Algar (fiddle) Jack Cookson (guitar) Evan Carson (drums) Lukas Drinkwater (bass).


Review: Tim Carroll

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