‘The Turn Of The Tide’ by Peter Fergus McClelland - with an elemental attraction

(November 02, 2017)

Whenever you find yourself hankering for some raw and unadulterated folk, traditional or contemporary, or like Melville’s narrator Ishmael "... growing grim about the mouth;" then youThe Turn Of The Tide Peter McClelland could do much worse than listen to the gently engossing ‘The Turn Of The Tide’ by Peter Fergus McClelland.

Know anything about Hobgoblin Music and you’ll know about McClelland and his contribution to folk music. This collection of songs covers the range of contemporary, self-penned and traditional – and the result, engaged through McClelland’s eminently listenable voice and the absorbing narratives is a rather fine piece of work. The themes take in the sea, the coast and fishing in a wealth of guises, there’s songs of loss, humour and Napoleon’s banishment to St.Helena.

The selection includes, opening with ‘The Island of St Helena’, there’s the sombre tale of ‘Make and Break Harbour’, the humour of ‘The Herring’s Head’, the spiteful and many versioned tale of ‘Johnny Sands’, a fine version of another well-known song ‘Just as the Tide was Flowing’ and a couple of originals, the story of a road-trip with ‘The Appalachian Way’ and of a burning pier, ‘Top Alex’.

‘The Turn Of The Tide’ is a simple album with an elemental attraction.


Review: Charlie Elland

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