‘Live In Tullamore' by Jig Jam – something both stirring and dramatic

(November 03, 2017)

There’s a recipe that blends traditional Irish music with bluegrass and Americana, and that could only generate something both stirring and dramatic. That’s precisely what you get from Irish four-piece Jig Jam as they deliver their distinctive brand of Irish-Bluegrass fusion most appropriately called ‘Celt Grass’. Their latest album ‘Live In Tullamore’ perfectly captures the vivacity of a live performance, reflects a potent release of blatant energy and provides everything you would Jig Jam Live In Tullamoreexpect from the blend.

The captivation of the audience is obvious as the band rip through a collection of self-penned, traditional and covers that sweep all before them and pull you into their embrace. In the unlikely event that anyone remains still during a Jig Jam performance, someone really should check their pulse, just to be sure. They open with a fast-paced take on an old favourite ‘The Fox’, follow with ‘Uncle Derek’s Delight’ and ’99 Years’ they move into their own ‘Hello World’, from there it’s into outbursts of instrumental dexterity with such delights as ‘Fergie’s Trip to Sligo’ and ‘Durrow to Drangan’. Then again, be aware it’s not all tearing along at breakneck speed it’s just incredibly infectious music, they also deliver a splendid take on Bob Dylan’s ‘Señor’ and reach into Paul Brady’s emotive ‘The Island’ ... both given the inimitable Jig Jam treatment.

Live albums can skate across a band’s repertoire or take you below the surface into the depths of a band’s live performance ... ‘Live In Tullamore’ takes you into the intensities of Jig Jam.


Review: Tim Carroll

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