‘Northbound’ from Assembly Lane - a statement not be ignored

(November 10, 2017)

Hybrid, eclectic and fusion are frequently used in folk music to describe in a word a melange of influences. ‘Northbound’ the debut album from Assembly Lane combines both and delivers a blend of influences and styles that fuses heritage and inspiration from British folk and folk Northbound from Assembly LaneAmericana. The musicianship is accomplished, the arrangements exactly where they need to be without embellishment, the harmonies tight and the interaction across the band obvious. The album reflects an amalgam of sparkling bluegrass roots, delivered with an innovative edge coupled to a clear infusion of folk from these islands.

Opening with the ‘The Hills of Mexico’ they move to ‘Aint No More Cane’ before they reach into a Tom Kimber instrumental ‘Mind the Gap’, and then produce a singular take on ‘The Fair Flower of Northumberland’. The intricacies of this album reflect the skills of the musicians as they combine their cultures and inspirations, from the involving ‘Fivefold’ through their take on ‘Sir Patrick Spens’ to ‘Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Mourn?’ Assembly Lane have with ‘Northbound’ made a statement that should not be ignored.

Assembly Lane are Tom Kimber (mandolin, harmony vocals) Niles Krieger (fiddle, harmony vocals) Bevan Morris (double bass) and Matthew Ord (guitar, lead and harmony vocals).


Review: Tom Franks

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