‘Goodbye Prairie Girl’ – Plant & Taylor - all-pervading musicianship, laid-back, richly delivered vocals

(November 14, 2017)

As debut albums go this one sounds anything but a debut. The duo Plant & Taylor sound as though they’ve been singing their heartfelt songs for years and crafted their warm, congenial sound over dozens of albums. Listen to these two and there’s the all-pervading musicianship, Plant and Taylor front cover 001which sits perfectly alongside the laid-back, richly delivered vocals – sometimes sung, sometimes almost quietly spoken. Unadorned and unadulterated sums it up, there’s nothing added that’s not needed, deceptively simple yet carefully put together, ‘Goodbye Prairie Girl’ has a wonderful lived-in feel that welcomes you in.

The title track, ‘Goodbye Prairie Girl’ opens and it’s instantly memorable, the strong Americana influences are obvious as is the heritage of close knit harmony vocals, while the instrumentation relies on the guitar and mandolin combination, which works so well from track to track. From there, songs like ’Highway of My Heart’, ‘Fannin Street’ and ‘Change Will Come’ evoke thoughtful reflection and a need to hear again those voices serve up their perceptive lyrics. It’s hard to choose favourite tracks – but if pressed then ‘Morning Again’ would be right up there, as would ‘Pilgrim’.


Review: Tom Franks

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