‘North’ from Ben Robertson ... leaves you wanting to hear more

(November 15, 2017)

From time to time new artists contact FolkWords, sometimes what I hear grabs my attention. Not only is it something of an achievement to catch the ear of a jaded music journo, it’s exciting Ben Robertson Northwhen what I hear impresses. ‘North’ is a six-track EP from fingerstyle guitarist and singer Ben Robertson. The result is some sparkling tunes and classic songs all interpreted through a clean and accomplished guitar style with an easily listenable voice.

A softly delivered tune, ‘Warlocks’ opens the EP, quickly followed by Richard Thompson’s ‘Beeswing’ ... if you’re going to cover Thompson, better do it justice ... Robertson does that and more. From there he adds his own arrangement to the beguiling ‘Horizonto’ by Paul James, next up comes the evocative ‘Fjellvåk’ and the inctricate ‘Lill-Mats Polska’, and to finish there’s Robertson’s interpretation of the Page and Plant definitive ‘Going To California’ ...once again, if you’re going to pick a classic you have to be sure you can handle it and give it your own edge ... Robertson does both.

‘North’ is a rather good piece of work, which follows the EP acid test perfectly ... it leaves you wanting to hear more. Watch out for Ben Robertson, there’s some serious talent there.


Review: Tim Carroll

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