‘The Distance’ by The Phil Langran Band - a crispness that ensures messages break through

(November 17, 2017)

There’s a subtle understanding verging on tenderness permeating this album, combined with a quiet authority that allows the songs to come to you through their poetic lyrics, delivering their the-distance-cover1messages and holding your attention throughout. ‘The Distance’ by The Phil Langran Band uses a blend of English, Celtic and American folk to bring together a closeness that puts the band in close and immediate touch with its audience. On all levels, Langran writes a potent lyric, crafting his keen words with a crispness that ensures the messages break through, driven by the man’s warm, emotive vocals, and remain, long after the song ceases.

‘The Distance’ is rich with lyrical gems, from ‘Time’s Dark Wing’ and ‘Jessie’s Gone’, through ‘Whose Angel Child’ and ‘You’ve Got To Love This Road’, to ‘In The Fall’ and ‘The Rule Of The Heart’ – each one leaving you trapped in their magic and aching for it to remain.

Playing on ‘The Distance’ are Phil Langran (vocals, acoustic guitar) Steve Benford (acoustic guitar, vocals) frank McCarthy (electric guitar, vocals) Mark Walker (bass, vocals) and Alistair Bloomfield (fiddle).    


Review: Tom Franks

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