‘Tales, Trials, Truths’ from Kristin Rebecca - evoking timeless narratives

(November 24, 2017)

Sometimes albums come from a place that makes them difficult to categorise. They exist in many worlds and combine many influences. Sometimes they make listening a chore and confuse an audience. Sometimes their idiosyncratic individuality creates a rare listeningTales, Trials Truths -Kristin Rebecca experience – ‘Tales, Trials, Truths’ from Kristin Rebecca falls squarely into the second category with an indefinable attraction. There’s so much going on in this slice of Americana folk that using her potent, distinctive voice, original guitar rhythms and intriguing harp accents, Kristin has created a singularly idiosyncratic album.

‘Tales, Trials, Truths’ delivers its messages from a myriad of directions and times. Personal expression, wider observations, narrative commentary and thoughtful reflections – each evoking timeless narratives to pull you into the stories. From the tongue-in-cheek left-field humour of ‘Wackos and Weirdos’ through a supremely gentle expression of love ‘In Your Eyes’ and the revealing sorrow of ‘Olive Branch’ to the soft rock essence of ‘Night In Santa Monica’ and the haunting evocative narrative of ‘Horseshoe’ these are songs that raise a shiver of involvement as they arrive, fascinate and remain. An album once heard, not likely to be forgotten.


Review: Tom Franks

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