‘Fifteen’ - The Wailin’ Jennys - enduring, gogeously performed songs

(December 06, 2017)

As expected, the latest album from Canadian trio The Wailin’ Jennys is once again overflowing with luscious melodies and sublime harmonies. The follow up to ‘Bright Morning Stars’ is ‘Fifteen’ and Ruth Moody, Heather Masse and Nicky Mehta, those outstanding practioners of perfectly-placed Fifteen The Wailin Jennysvocal interdependence prove their unerringly precise combination of delicious voices once more hits the spot. With ‘Fifteen’, celebrating their fifteen year career, they once again turn out enduring, gorgeously performed songs that once heard will become future-memory classics. .

They open with a positively stunning acapella version of ‘The Old Churchyard’ delivered over a single drone and immediately you’re caught in the magic of their voices. From there they cover some classic songs - when you decide to cover definitive songs from benchmark artists, you need to the capability to do them justice. What follows from The Wailin’ Jennys reflects just how good this trio really is - a most beautiful version of ‘Wildflowers’, Tom Petty would be proud, then Dolly Parton’s ‘Light of a Clear Blue Morning’ receives as much care and delivers as much feeling, their version of ‘Loves Me Like a Rock’ perfectly reworks Paul Simon’s classic and with Patty Griffin’s ‘Not Alone’ they deliver something that’s completely soul-touching.

‘Fifteen’ is an album of perfect voices singing in perfect harmony


Review: Tom Franks

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