‘Good Old Fashioned Protest’ - Keegan McInroe - one man protesting about issues that affect us all

(December 05, 2017)

With the ability to use an acerbic, overtly left-field and sombrely sarcastic lyrical delivery, Keegan McInroe writes songs of keen observation, acid sharp perception and reflective understanding. Good Old Fashioned ProtestSometimes the irony lays on hard and strong, sometimes he looks with the eyes of someone that sees many things others don’t. The latest album from this Texas-based singer songwriter is called ‘Good Old Fashioned Protest’ and that my friends is exactly what you get – the focus of the protest includes politics, government, law and order, media mendacity and a desire for peace and understanding – one man protesting about issues that affect us all.

McInroe delivers his messages over stripped back arrangements that combine country, blues and folk in a laconic voice that’s so laid back it’s practically horizontal. Among the interwoven lyrical threads he weaves are songs to make you smile, songs to make you think and songs to make you weep. There’s so many moments on this album when McInroe sweeps you away, but foe the best listen to ‘Talking Talking Head Blues’, ‘Bombing For Peace’, Christmas 1914’ and ‘The Love That We Give’ - emotions raw, commentary clear, reflections sharp.


Review: Tom Franks

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