‘High Fences’ - James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band - as sharp as it needs to be

(December 12, 2017)

Another slice of original folk/ country/ rock continues to reinforce my view that these islands, my adoptive home, are steadily becoming the place to find sharp-as-a-blade Americana High-Fencesoutside of the US of A. Glasgow sextet, James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band release their second album ‘High Fences’ that will surely surely establish their future – if it don’t then there’s something seriously wrong somewhere. For fans of potent, hook-rich songs that come complete with a fatal attraction ‘High Fences’ is a must-have.

It rips towards listeners with ‘Passing San Ysidro’, then explores wider scenes with ‘Try Not To Think of Now’, before the laid back observations of ‘Get Back Up’ draw them in even further. The essence of this album lies in Edwyn’s vocals that range from soulful and sorrowful to optimistic and confident, add the rock-solid backing of the band and you have an album that’s a ‘definite’ for any collection. Particular favourites include the delicious ‘Pushing Statues’, ‘Quoting Sagan’, the simple statement that is ‘Never In A While’ and ‘Burning Man’.

There’s an old adage ‘the second album is always the acid test’ – no problem, ‘High Fences’ absolutley hits it, simply as sharp as it needs to be.

James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band are James Edwyn (vocals, acoustic guitar) Emma Joyce (vocals) Scott Keenan (keyboards, vocals) Ronnie Gilmour (electric guitar) Ros McLaughlin (bass) and Neil mc Donald (drums, percussion).


Review: Tom Franks

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