‘Collected Short Stories’ - The Tin Heart Troubadours - home town narrative Americana

(December 18, 2017)

A memory stirred when I heard this music. A memory over fifty years old. A memory thousands of Collected Short Storiesmiles away. A recollection of sitting listening with old folk while they played their music, yet this music is here and now – music written today and in this country. The sound of The Tin Heart Troubadours evokes country folk Americana, and takes me back fifty years in time. Their album ‘Collected Short Stories’ is billed in the press piece as: 'American parlour folk music'; yep, well that much is true but it’s also folk music of cold nights by the fire and warm nights on the porch.

However you position this music depends to some extent on your life’s story, it also depends on how much you enjoy home town narrative Americana – tales of life, experience and counsel, home-truths, wide expanses and parochial advice, educating and frightening. Each original song in its own way combines with its partners to create an album that’s essentially a passing down of white-beard homilies with tales of near and far away – in effect ‘Collected Short Stories’

The Tin Heart Troubadours play original, softly delivered Americana folk that slides gently into your ears, and ensures the messages get through, and they are Nigel Orme (acoustic guitar, harmonica/vocals) Steve Clark (dobro, vocals) and Clare Pastorius (cello, vocals).


Review: Tom Franks

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