‘Things Heard’ from Gerry Tully - an evocative edge of individuality

(January 09, 2018)

The rich warmth of a voice designed to bring lyrics to life defines the music of Gerry Tully, add a simplicity of arrangement that gives the essence of each word room to arrive and remain, and Things Heard album coveryou have a fair description of ‘Things Heard’, his fourth album. There’s a deep seated reverence for tradition in Tully’s work, augmented by an evocative edge of individuality that take a distinctive path through his observations and commentaries. The tales described some familiar, some not, reveal once more Tully’s skill in delivering the narrative song ... 'Rise Up' opens, an elemental take on 'Spenser The Rover' is followed by 'TankPark Salute' and the evocative observation of 'The Fracking Song'.

It’s at this point the album delivers an unbelievably powerful version of Ian Campbell’s potent song, ‘The Sun Is Burning’ ... and it takes but a moment to understand Tully’s voice is the one this song has always needed, he follows with the equally emotive ‘The Reason I left Mullingar’ before taking us into the ‘Night Visiting Song’ ... once again, Tully’s masterful voice evokes the spirit of Luke Kelly, another Irish master.

‘Things Heard’ is a wonderful album, showing a man at the top of his game, doing what he emphatically does the best, turning stories into sparkling moments of skilled sentiment.


Review: Tim Carroll

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