‘Haneen’ - Brickwork Lizards - “You really haven’t heard anything quite like this”

(January 08, 2018)

Take an Egyptian vocalist, include oud, trumpet, saxophone drums and cello, mix together with a touch of rap, weave in the distinctive flavour of a 1930’s harmony group, add pre-war Haneen Brickwork Lizardsjazz infused with Arabic and Middle Eastern music, pour all of that over an unrestrained eclecticism as a miasma of styles and genres collide - and you have some idea of Brickwork Lizards. Listen to their album ‘Haneen’ and everything will become clear – or as clear as this unique experience will allow. And that’s because this album is enigmatic with a capital ‘E’. You really haven’t heard anything quite like this.

They describe their musical offerings as ‘radical re-imaginings of traditional material’ and that pretty much describes what you get. Nothing is as expected and yet everything is addictive - haunting, expressive, sometimes unsettling – listen once and you’re intrigued, repeat and you’re hooked. Of course this is a musical risk and some may not want to take a chance – that would be a shame because you definitely should.

Brickwork Lizards are Tarik Beshir (oud, vocals) Louisa Lyne (cello) Andrew Mack: drums, percussion, vocals) Tom O’Hawk (vocals, raps) Malachy O'Neill (double bass) Sophie Frankford (violin, viola, saxophone) Jules Smith (violin) Steve Preston (trumpet, keyboards) and Spencer Williams (guitar, vocals).


Review: Charlie Elland


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