‘Daybreak’ - Richard Gilbert - sharing personal and private recollections

(January 11, 2018)

Even though his songs come with a particular charisma determined by deep-seated memories of moments good and times bad, Richard Gilberts songs have a strangely gentle and Daybreak from Richard Gilbertcontemplative quality. The spirit of these songs is one of observation, reflection and deliberation. This is a songwriter sharing some personal and private recollections and along the way, making you think.

His latest EP, ‘Daybreak’ is another outing for those musings on the vagaries of life and living with its outcomes. There’s only six songs on ‘Daybreak’, which is something of a shame, however with songs that hit the mark like ‘Stranger’s Smile’, the ever optimistic ‘I’ll Never Give Up On Love’, the revealed understanding of ‘I’ll Say Goodbye’ and the redolent honesty within ‘Daybreak’. This is essentially an album for those quiet moments when you leave the hustle behind, share in some meditative moments and thanks to Gilbert’s work, immerse yourself in concentration for yourself.


Review: Tom Franks

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