Self-titled album by Anna Mitchell – poignant, punchy lyrics and wealth of magical hooks

(January 11, 2018)

Far closer to rock than folk, yet retaining some definite folk rock nuances and flavours, the second album from Anna Mitchell builds on the foundation laid by her first album, ‘Down To The Bone’. This time the production is tighter, the delivery more solid, the confidence strong Anna Mitchell Album coverand assured. There’s the same deeply attractive voice, the poignant, punchy lyrics and wealth of magical hooks to the original songs.  Anna writes songs that touch the heart, songs that make a mark, and songs that stay with you long after the album ends.

There’s a vivid diversity of approaches within the album - tracks like ‘All These Things’ and ‘It Pours’ that steadily build in potency, the laid back resonance and intensity of ‘Radio Waves’ and ‘Never Learn’, the gutsy, brutal emphasis of ‘Get Out’ and the low down and dirty ‘Dog Track’ – each combining to create a piece of work with categorical presence. And for a moment of personal preference, the anthemic ‘Better Life’ takes some beating.

Playing on the album are Anna Mitchell (vocals, piano, keys, percussion) Davie Ryan (drums) Brian Hassett (bass) Alan Comerford on guitar (electric, acoustic, baritone guitar) Rory McCarthy (organ) Clare Sands (violin) Paul Dunlea (trombone) David Murphy (pedal steel) and Patrick Freeman (backing vocals).


Review Tim Carroll

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