‘WILDE ROSES’ from Wilde Roses - a delicate fabric of instruments and voices

(January 16, 2018)

Medieval and renaissance music exerts a haunting and enduring attraction, often melancholy, always evocative. Wilde Roses, singers and multi-instrumentalists Anna Tam and Emily Alice Ovenden draw much of their influence from the medieval and renaissance world, and in doing Wilde-Roses album coverso created ‘WILDE ROSES’ a self-titled album of lingering and memorable songs. Taking inspiration from illuminated manuscripts, courtly song books, Elizabethan broadside ballads and the folk tradition, they pull you inexorably into a delicate fabric of instruments and voices.

The narratives course through medieval religious imagery, tales of piracy and deserted lovers, they also explore achingly delicate love songs. Wilde Roses state: “We are moved by a desire to explore and recreate the sound world of this historical repertoire and to share these exquisite songs with present day audiences.” From any perspective, with this album they have more than achieved their objective. And should any believe they’ve heard these delicious voice before, know that Emily and Anna were both part of the Mediaeval Baebes.

Wilde Roses are Anna Tam (vocals, nyckelharpa, viola da gamba, hurdy gurdy player, percussion) and EmilyAlice Ovenden(vocals, recorders, percussion) 


Review: Charlie Elland

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