‘Music In The Glen’ “... excellent Irish traditional music"

(January 26, 2018)

Take three outstanding exponents of traditional Irish music ... musicians with pedigrees as long as the proverbial arm, add a subliminal understanding of their art and an intense mutual empathy ... and the result is bound to be special. That’s exactly what you get with Music In The Glen, stunning music withMusic in the Glen album cover intricacies of expression that that build on the foundations of a rich heritage ultimately adding up to an exceptional album.

As with all traditional Irish music there’s a powerful and enduring mix ... vibrant expression, gentle sometimes sorrowful reflection, deeply thought communication. ‘Music In The Glen’ produce an outpouring of exuberant nuances, a blend of sensitivities and elusive complexities. Their interpretations of reels, jigs and slides pull you immediately into a maelstrom of energy and inventive high-spirits while their gentle expressions of airs and waltz reach deep inside your heart. The album treats you to ‘The Sweetheart’ and ‘The Shaskeen’ reel sets, ‘The Sister’s Cat’ set of jigs and the delicious ‘The Wounded Hussar’ waltz and the beautiful ‘Lament For Limerick’ air.This is an exceptional trio delivering excellent Irish traditional music.

‘Music In The Glen’ are Connor Lamb (uilleann pipes) Brendan Mulholland (Irish flute) and Deirdre Galway (guitar)


Review: Tim Carroll

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