‘Undersong’ from Salt House - vital interaction between the musicians

(January 26, 2018)

Way back in 2013 FolkWords reviewed ‘Lay Your Dark Low’ the debut album from Salt House and described it as: "... replete with lilting seductive vocals, captivating melody-intense tunes buitl around Undersong Salt Houseoutstanding musicianship". Five years have done nothing to alter that view, indeed only increased our appreciation. The vibrant freshness remains, as does a vital interaction between the musicians that puts them right there with the listener. Their new album, ‘Undersong’ offers traditional words and tunes augmented by original treatments to create its involving experience.

Stunning originality with Jenny Sturgeon’s ‘Old Shoes’ and Ewan MacPherson’s ‘Staring At Stars’ with inspiration from Robert Burns for ‘a love song to nature’ with ‘Charmer’, the words of Robert Frost added to a self-penned Lauren MacColl tune in ‘The Road Not Taken’ make this gathering of narratives a comprehensively outstanding album.

Salt House are Ewan MacPherson (guitar, mandola, vocals, jaws harp) Jenny Sturgeon (vocals, harmonium, shruti box, guitar) and Lauren MacColl (viola, fiddle, vocals) and Euan Burton (double bass). ‘Undersong’ releases on 2nd February 2018 through


Review: Charlie Elland

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