‘The Morning Tempest’ - Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente - a considerable triumph

(February 01, 2018)

As debut albums go this one is right up there with the best. This collection of self-penned and traditional songs from Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente delivers something decidedly original and fresh, yet deeply The Morning Tempest album coverrooted in heritage, with sources for inspiration range from cultural tradition to contemporary observation.

‘The Morning Tempest’ moves from the familiarity of ‘The Night Visiting Song’, a staple theme of folk tradition given a striking edge, through the tender ‘Thug Mi ‘n Oidhche’ to the original ‘The Great Escape’ ... a stunning song impeccably performed. The hook this album offers is the combination of clear and fluid as mountain stream vocals and perfectly placed instrumentation that gives all that’s needed, strong and positive but never too much. There’s a wonderful rendition of ‘King Orfeo’, a fine take on the many formed ‘He Called for a Candle’ and their sensitive version of ‘He Fades Away’ could do nothing but gain approval from the late Alistair Hulett.

‘The Morning Tempest’ by Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente is a considerable triumph ... a beautifully constructed and delivered album, simple as that.

Josie Duncan (vocals) Pablo Lafuente (guitars) Graham Rorie (mandolin, flute) Rufus Huggan (cello) Robbie Greig (Fiddle) Conal McDonagh (whistles) Charlie Stewart (double bass) David Foley (bodhran) Neil Paton (percussion) Colin MacLeod (guest vocals) and Hedley Benson (flugelhorn).


Review: Tim Carroll

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