‘Autumn Winds’ - Niall Hanna – tradition treated to invention, originals following tradition

(February 01, 2018)

A warm, richness of voice and a deft touch of composition, Niall Hanna has released ‘Autumn Winds, an album that proves the man has a long successful road stretching out before him. This is an album of songs deep-seated in the tradition but encompassing two Autumn Winds Niall Hannaoriginals within the traditional framework. Some well-known and some lesser-known songs are given a new edge by Hanna with arrangements working sympathetically with classic melodies, add vocals that impart a freshness to the foundations of heritage, and you have the calibre of 'Autumn Winds'.

This album is replete with stunning songs - opening with the self-penned ‘The Autumn Winds’, the presence of voice and marked composing skill is immediately clear, moving to the oft-sung ‘Lough Erne Shore’ (a version that is up there with the finest) into ‘Tyrone’s anthem’ ‘The Mountains of Pomeroy’ that richly toned voice touches again and then once more Hanna’s pen creates ‘Sweet Lough Neagh’ – tradition treated to invention or originals following tradition.

The marker that ‘Autumn Winds’ lays down signals a strong future for Niall Hanna.


Review: Charlie Elland

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