‘Mockingbird Gallows’ - Andrew D. Huber - thoroughly accomplished album

(February 06, 2018)

First came across this rock-tinged folk when I heard the album ‘Mercury Gets A Moon’ somewhere back in 2014 when this ‘folk touched by the rockier side’ cut through the background to make a huge impression. And now here comes the follow up, and the result is Mockingbird Gallowsexactly the same - seriously captivated by this music - Andrew D. Huber writes engaging songs, embellished with precisely enough energy to make the right impact. Huber calls it: "acoustic folk with a Celtic twist", although that will do for me, there’s a lot more too – hook-laden tunes you cannot help but embrace, anthemic songs that stay long after they finish and ballads with sensitive engagement that carries some beautiful observations.

‘Brandon Bay’ opens and pulls you along, as does the drive of ‘St. Patrick’s Well’ before the gentle expression of songs like ‘Postcards from the Stage’ and ‘Harbourland’ make their lasting impression. There’s the reflection of the outstanding title track ‘Mockingbird Gallows’ and ‘Mean, Mad Cruel, Terrible World’, before the quiet acceptance of ‘Dimming’ and then roaring along comes ‘Singing ‘til I Sail’. A thoroughly accomplished album.

Playing on ‘Mockingbird Gallows’ are Andrew D. Huber (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, bass, bouzouki, tenor banjo, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion) Jo Marie Sison (violin, melodica) and Anthony Jay Houston (drums, percussion, vibes) with the talents on selected tracks of Emily Aldridge (vocals) Mary Bell (flute, harmony vocals) Aidan Huber (drums, percussion, vocals) Margaret Huber (harmony vocals) and Hilary Russell (vocals).


Review: Tom Franks

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