‘Tales From Home’ – Brian Hassan - a style that’s all his own

(February 06, 2018)

Another ‘man with guitar’ album, although it's actualy more than that - this one also features some fine guest musicians adding cello, low whistle, mandolin and violin to give depth and Brian Hassan Tales from Homeinterest. This is a fine album, however the true impact of ‘Tales From Home’ comes from Hassan’s voice as it moves between softly entreating and carefully appealing, add a poetic focus to the lyrics and sparse yet engaging instrumentation and you have an album that will quietly grow on you. The arrangements hold the songs yet never intrude on the man’s sensitive delivery, the song focus ranges from personal expression, clear observation and considered reflection.

The themes range around feelings of love, loss, sadness and acceptance. Nothing here that’s immediately earth shattering, however, a distinctive style pervades that attracts and holds, there are narratives that you care about with characters and situations that hold your interest. The high points to listen for are: ‘Home’, ‘Last dance alone’ and ‘The Jester and the dancer’. It would be easy to compare Hassan to any number of idiosyncratic singer songwriters but that would be an injustice because there’s a style here that’s all his own.


Review: Charlie Eland

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