‘Bright Field’ - The Rheingans Sisters - a bold album full of light and space

(March 18, 2018)

Include the word experimental in an album review and you run all sorts of risks as people make snap decisions with regard to ‘experimental’. It often erroneously translates into ‘avant garde’ or Bright Field The Rheingans Sisterspossibly ‘untried’, or maybe even plain ‘strange’ – sometimes so far out of left-field as to be hard to absorb. With The Rhengans Sisters and their latest album ‘Bright Field’, experimentation is most certainly there, however the operative word is more accurately ‘investigational, because although firmly rooted in the heritage of tradition, sisters Anna and Rowan are completely unafraid to investigate and explore, and probe the depths and expression of their art.

‘Bright Field’ is a bold album full of light and space. It is music defined by tradition not confined by it – from the ghostly opening of ‘Glattugla’, through the mystical darkness of ‘This Forest’ and the fantasy of ‘Xavier’s/ The Honeybee’ to the sumptuous flow and sparkle of ‘Green Unstopping’ and the utterly wonderful confluence of Rheingans’ music with the words of poet RS Thomas that is ‘Bright Field’.

Without doubt, ‘Bright Feld’ is the Rheingans Sisters most accomplished work to date.


Review: Charlie Elland

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