‘fly beyond the border’ Marina Florance - striking originals and equally outstanding collaborations

(March 26, 2018)

Some while ago now, Tim Carroll introduced me to the music of Marina Florance, and the discovery Marina Florance Fly Beyond the Borderof her music was something that made a special mark - the powerfully emotive voice, the strength of imagery and poetry, the deep seated carefully observed messages – remained a long time after the music finished. Now comes a new album – ‘fly beyond the border’ – and it’s clear just how far Marina has developed her music. There’s still the genre-crossing spread that takes influence from acoustic Americana and English folk, and if you keep an attentive ear there’s a smattering of country and blues permeating.

With the opening of ‘Every Woman’ the calibre of the songwriting is obvious as is the feeling injected into every phrase, from there songs like ‘Two More People’, the warm comfort of ‘Sirens’, ‘The Blue Lady’ and the wonderful ‘Sometimes’ hold you tight and refuse to let go. With striking originals and equally outstanding collaborations ‘fly beyond the border’ is Marina Florance at her best.


Review: Charlie Elland

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