‘Ghost Of The Untraveled Road’ Annie Keating – forged into an outstanding piece of work

(April 04, 2018)

There’s absolutely no doubt who you’re hearing when Annie Keating starts to sing – that voice – its slightly husky warmth, the breathy intimate delivery and gorgeous interpretation of the lyrics. Annie KeatingHer latest EP, shows all that her audiences have come to expect and a little more because despite the prolific output her work just gets better and better. The poetic lyrics hit the spot each time - listen and be unmoved then start worrying about the condition of your soul; fail to become involved with the presence and clarity of these songs and check your heart is still where it belongs.

There’s a pervading sense of moving through and around life within these songs, a recognition that some things have to be as they are and we’re not meant to know why. From the stunning ‘Ghosts Of The Untraveled Road’ through ‘Forever Loved’ and ‘Kindness Of Strangers’ to ‘Sting Of Hindsight’ and ‘Forget My Name’ there’s time and thought forged into an outstanding piece of work.


Review: Tom Franks

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