‘Sunshiner’ - The Mammals - a perfect confluence of folk and rock

(April 08, 2018)

Take some time off for whatever reason, and the return is always subject to debate, ‘Where did they go?’ ‘Why did they go?’ ‘What to expect now?’ The expectation here is high, because The Mammals - Sunshiner‘Sunshiner’ from The Mammals is as biting and acidic as you would expect. Songs that get straight to the heart of the matter. Unafraid to tackle subjects with gritty lyrics, deliver tight harmonies and conjuring an authentic roots feel in a perfect confluence of folk and rock.

The high points on ‘Sunshiner’ are many - from the opening belief in hope and future with ‘Open The Door’ through the devastatingly honest assessment and fervent call of ‘Culture War’, the gently reflective ‘Beautiful One’ to the drive and direction of ‘Fork In The Road’ - this is high energy involvement you cannot ignore. There’s also the declaration of a distinct step-change as they move with the sultry groove of ‘Maple Leaf’ offering inspiration, which continues to flow through ‘Sunshiner’ and ‘Stayin’ Up Late’ – softly engaging songs that wrap themselves around the listener.


Review: Tom Franks

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