‘After You’ – Cold Tone Harvest - nothing to get in the way of its primal delivery

(April 12, 2018)

There’s a visceral feel to this album, primitive and simple, with the messages and music laid out ‘as it comes’ nothing added to get in the way of its primal delivery. The essence of this album puts the listener right there among the band – and that’s what makes ‘After You’ fromAfter You Cold Tone Harvest Cold Tone Harvest so attractive – a closeness that’s obvious from the start. What you get is clean as a whistle Americana, with country and folk influences and powerful, sometimes mournful vocals. Their music takes a series of routes – leading listeners through soulful contemplative journeys built around stripped back, heart-touching songs, before taking those same travellers into a set of full-blown, rockier, power-ballad outings.

The songs on ‘After You’ each hold a distinct magic that collectively makes this an album well-worth getting to know. The high points being, the opening ‘Frozen Ground’ leading into ‘Change’, from there ‘Adeline’ and the poignant ‘After You’ take hold before you’re held by ‘Stealing Roots’ and ‘Out on the Weekend’. ‘After You’ releases in the UK in May 2018.

Cold Tone Harvest are Andrew Sigworth (acoustic guitar, trumpet, vocals) Ozzie Andrews (upright bass, electric bass, tuba) Anthony Pace (lap steel, guitar, Dobro, vocals) Brian Williams (drums, banjo, percussion), and guesting on the album are Erin Zindle (violin, vocals) Jay Lapp (mandolin) Chris Dupont (guitar, vocals , keys) Christina Futado (cello) and Tom Sigworth (trombone).


Review: Tom Franks

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